Welcome to our 22/23 Five To Follow

The 2022/23 Five To Follow competition is now closed for entries.
The competition will run from Tuesday 11th October until 30th April 2023.

How It Works:

The Five to Follow will be based on a points system:

  • 10 Points for win (double points if odds of 10/1 or over)
  • 5 points for second
  • 2 points for third
  • 1 point for fourth


The winner will be the person with the most points on 30th April 2023.

Winners will receive a share of all entry money.

Last updated: 20/03/2023 at 20:30 – Double points added for Universal Folly , Fly By Milan & Coniston Clouds

Name:Selection 1Selection 2Selection 3Selection 4Selection 5Points
George SkeltonHouston TexasConiston CloudsCrystal GloryFamous BridgeFlorida Dreams74
John ScullionNo RegretsCrystal GloryHouston TexasUniversal FollyFlorida Dreams72
Harry Haynes 1Aubis WalkFindthetimeFamous BridgeNo RegretsHard Iron70
Catherine Cotton 2Aubis WalkFamous BridgeFlorida DreamsNells SonEveryday Champagne69
Jenna TreleaseNells SonParisencoreCrystal GloryUniversal FollyFamous Bridge69
Antonia ReidFamous BridgeCrystal GloryFindthetimeUniversal FollyParisencore69
Jason FildesCastle RushenHard IronPaddock CottageRickety GateSnowy Clouds68
Martin McMullenCastle RushenCrystal GloryNo RegretsHard IronTfou67
Edward CzajkaBig Bad BearCrystal GloryFamous BridgeNells SonSnowy Clouds66
Elaine LloydBig Bad BearUniversal FollyFindthetimeOne Step UpMiss Milano66
Fran BrownAubis WalkFamous BridgeLuckie SevenNells SonParisencore64
Danny McMenaminNells SonCrystal GloryFamous BridgeParisencoreConiston Clouds64
Andrew Strong 2Marown Hard IronSerious EgoFindthetimeFamous Bridge64
Kevin Fletcher 1Serious EgoHard IronFamous BridgeMarownKajaki63
Vanda SturchBon RetourConiston CloudsFlorida DreamsMaughold HeadTfou62
Andrew Strong 3Castle RushenHard IronFamous BridgePaddock CottageMarown60
Thomas BrownAubis WalkCrystal GloryFamous BridgeNells SonTfou59
Adrian Little (Marra)Crystal GloryTfouNells SonUniversal FollyRubytwo58
Lousie PlattHeadscarf LilGlinger FlameMarownTfouSnowy Clouds58
Leigh-Ann Thomson 3Universal FollyThe Kalooki KidThe Best WayFlorida DreamsMaughold Head57
David BeardCourt DreamingFindthetimeHard IronPaddock CottageRickety Gate56
Robyn CrawfordHouston TexasHeadscarf LilParisencoreCourt DreamingCrystal Glory56
Peter HaynesCastle RushenFamous BridgeFly By MilanMarownNells Son56
Daniel BrownCastle RushenNo RegretsParisencoreSerious EgoUniversal Folly56
Conor RabbittCrystal GloryParisencoreHouston TexasNells SonFamous Bridge55
Garry HarrisTfouPaddock CottageRickety GateConiston CloudsCrystal Glory55
Mark BowmanGege VilleConiston CloudsCrystal GloryFamous BridgeNells Son55
David McIntoshConiston CloudsFamous BridgeGlinger FlameNells SonConiston George54
Phil SturchCrystal GloryFamous BridgePaddock CottageParisencoreTfou53
Mike DayHouston TexasFindthetimeNells SonUniversal FollyGege Ville53
Rob HallidayNells SonFamous BridgeEveryday ChampagneAubis WalkSerious Ego53
Lesley DobinsonHeadscarf LilRickety GateSummergroundsParisencoreConiston George52
Genny HaynesConiston CloudsEveryday ChampagneFindthetimeHouston TexasSauce Of Life52
Ian ForresterBon RetourCrystal GloryMarownNells SonUniversal Folly52
Kevin Fletcher 2Serious EgoMarownRose Of SienaFlorida DreamsEveryday Champagne50
Andrew Strong 1KajakiRickety GateHard IronSerious EgoWilhelm Vonvenster49
Leigh-Ann Thomson 1Nells SonCrystal GloryFindthetimeAubis WalkHouston Texas48
Ian BrownNells SonFindthetimeCastle RushenTfouParisencore48
Geraldine McghieCastle RushenNells SonCrystal GloryHeadscarf LilTfou47
Harry Haynes 2Crystal GloryThe Best WayFlorida DreamsBig Bad BearHouston Texas46
Paul LowthianNells SonFindthetimeCrystal GloryCaius MarciusFamous Bridge46
Vinny Victor 2Houston TexasMarownRose Of SienaSnowy CloudsMaughold Head46
Abbi IrvingShe's A RoccaKajakiEveryday ChampagneSerious EgoSnowy Clouds46
Lisa WilsonSerious EgoPaddock CottageNells SonFamous BridgeSnowy Clouds46
Leigh-Ann Thomson 2Famous BridgeParisencoreNo RegretsCastle RushenGege Ville45
Tom HarrisCastle RushenEveryday ChampagneFlorida DreamsGlinger FlameSerious Ego45
Gary KennedyCastle RushenAubis WalkCrystal GloryNells SonFindthetime43
Richard DobinsonBig Bad BearUniversal FollyFamous BridgePaddock CottageOne Step Up43
Ian McIntosh 1Houston TexasParisencoreCrystal GloryThe Best WayNells Son42
Wilky 2Gege VilleMaughold HeadCastle RushenFamous BridgeMarown42
Richard CurtisCrystal GloryMarownNells SonPaddock CottageUncle Alastair42
Dennis DixonCrystal GloryHeadscarf LilKajakiNells SonRickety Gate41
Jim Yerkess 2Nells SonPaddock CottageFlorida DreamsAubis WalkThe Best Way41
Jim Yerkess 1Famous BridgeCrystal GloryCastle RushenMaughold HeadGege Ville41
Ian McIntosh 2Headscarf LilGege VilleAubis WalkOne Step UpCrystal Glory40
Jess Swan 1Crystal GloryBon RetourHouston TexasFamous BridgeNells Son40
Robert WhartonCrystal GloryFamous BridgeGege VilleMarownPaddock Cottage39
Stew BirkettFindthetimeGege VilleMarownNo RegretsCourt Dreaming38
Rhona ElliotCastle RushenCrystal GloryGonfalonierNells SonParisencore37
Jeremy StubbsAubis WalkCastle RushenNells SonCrystal GloryPaddock Cottage37
Jess Swan 2Big Bad BearCastle RushenConiston CloudsFindthetimeThe Best Way37
Emma SturchBig Bad BearEveryday ChampagneGlittering LoveNo RegretsShe's A Rocca36
Neil IrvingNells SonKajakiCastle RushenSerious EgoUncle Alastair36
Nick BannermanCastle RushenCrystal GloryFamous BridgeNells SonPaddock Cottage35
Joey Richards (snr)Florida DreamsNo RegretsPresident ScottieSummergroundsCastle Rushen34
Brian WilsonRubytwoShe's A RoccaUncle AlastairNells SonMarown34
Catherine Cotton 1Castle RushenCrystal GloryFindthetimeGege VilleNells Son33
Vinny Victor 1Crystal GloryNells SonNo RegretsCastle RushenGege Ville33
Natalie GoldBon RetourHeadscarf LilCrystal GloryMaughold HeadThe Kalooki Kid32
Wilky 1Glinger FlameCrystal GloryPaddock CottageNells SonTfou31
Joanne ForresterHeadscarf LilMarownNells SonPaddock CottageSerious Ego31
Steven GrisedaleBon RetourCrystal GloryMarownNells SonShe's A Rocca27
ChristineCrystal GloryGlinger FlameGonfalonierNab WoodTfou25
Ian PottsCastle RushenFamous BridgeBon RetourPaddock CottageNells Son25
Donna IrvingCrystal GloryPaddock CottageKajakiSerious EgoPresident Scottie19
Chris AllinsonBetter GetalongBon RetourOne Step UpNo RegretsBig Bad Bear12

Terms and Conditions

  • By entering this competition, you are agreeing to your name being published on the Five to Follow page on our website.
  • Entrants must be 18 years old or older.
  • Entrants must complete the application form fully and submit it before 11th October 2022. Incomplete, late or invalid entries will not be accepted.
  • Payment must be received before 11th October 2022. Any payments made after this date may not be refunded.
  • Nicky Richards’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • The prize may be subject to change. Nicky Richards reserves the right to substitute the prize for one of equal or greater value at any time.
  • Any changes to the rules or prizes will be updated on our website.
  • Horses placings will be calculated regardless of the amount of runners in the race. (eg. if there are only 3 runners and your horse finishes 3rd, you will still get 2 points).
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