Welcome to our 23/24 Five To Follow

The competition will run from 10th November 2023 until 30th April 2024

How it works:

  1. Choose 5 horses currently in training – Horses in Training
  2. Send your selection and your full name to nvecerkova@gmail.com or via Nicky Richards Racing Facebook/Instagram message
  3. The cost is £5 per entry, enter as many times as you want:Account name: Nicky Richards Racing Ltd
    Sort code: 60-93-03
    Account number: 00301155
    Reference: Your second name followed by 5TF (e.g. Smith5TF)

Selections and payments must be received before 10th November 2023.

Scoring System:

The Five to Follow will be based on a points system:

  • 10 Points for win (double points if odds are 10/1 or higher, double points if the winning distance is 7 lengths or more)
  • 5 points for second
  • 2 points for third
  • 1 point for fourth


The winner will be the person with the most points on 30th April 2024.

The winner, second and third will receive a share of all entry money (50%, 30% and 20%)

Final Results

last updated 30/04/2024

1st 🥇TONY ROBERTS – 132 points
2nd🥈CONOR RABBITT – 123 points
3rd 🥉SUNNY SINGH – 103 points
Congratulations to everyone 🥂👏
Thank you everyone who took part, it’s been very exciting to follow 🙂

Tony Roberts 3Milcree, Parisencore, Findthetime, President Scottie, The Kalooki Kid10+10+2+1+2+5+20(won by 7l)+20(won by 71l)+5+1+20(won by 25l)+5+10+20(won by 19l)+1132
Conor Rabbitt 2Florida Dreams, The Kalooki Kid, Nells Son, Famous Bridge, Findthetime10+2+10+10+10+1+20(won by 7l)+10+20(won by 71l)+1+1+2+5+20(won by 12l)+1123
Sunny Singh 2Famous Bridge, Clovis Island, Big Bad Bear, President Scottie, Nells Son10+1+2+2+10+5+1+5+20(won by 25l)+5+1+10+20(won by 12l)+10+1103
Stuart Irving 1Clovis Island, Famous Bridge, Nells Son, Parisencore, The Kalooki Kid1+10+2+10+10+5+20(won by 7l)+1+1+5+5+10+1+20(won by 12l)101
Antonia Reid 1Aubis Walk, Famous Bridge, Nells Son, The Kalooki Kid, Universal Folly10+2+10+5+10+10+20(won by 7l)+5+1+1+5+1+20(won by 12l)100
Sunny Singh 1Soft Risk, Universal Folly, Coniston George, The Kalooki Kid, Findthetime10+5+10+1+10+5+20(won by 7l)+20(won by 71l)+1+10+2+599
Robert HallidayConiston Clouds, Famous Bridge, Houston Texas, The Kalooki Kid, Nells Son10+10+10+2+10+20(won by 7l)+1+1+5+2+1+20(won by 12l)+2+195
Steve (Skelly) 2Coniston George, Nells Son, The Kalooki Kid, Florida Dreams, Houston Texas2+10+10+20(won by 7l)+1+1+10+5+2+2+20(won by 12l)+2+5+191
Martin McMullen 1Am Still Here, Nab Wood, President Scottie, Young Getaway, Clovis Island1+2+5+20(won by 12l)+5+10+20(won by 25l)+5+10+10+189
Stuart Irving 3Nells Son, Marown, Famous Bridge, Yakaleo, Coniston George2+10+5+10+2+5+1+2+5+10+2+20(won by 12l)+1+2+5+5+289
Leigh-Ann Thomson 1Nells Son, Houston Texas, Famous Bridge, Findthetime, No Regrets2+10+10+5+1+10+20(won by 71l)+1+5+20(won by 12l)+1+2+188
Mel MasonWainwright, Coniston George, Nab Wood, Florida Dreams, Famous Bridge10+10+5+10+20(won by 12l)+10+10+2+2+1+585
Neil IrvingAubis Walk, Glinger Flame, Nells Son, The Kalooki Kid, Florida Dreams2+10+10+2+10+20(won by 7l)+1+1+5+2+20(won by 12l)83
Martin McMullen 3Aubis Walk, Coniston George, Nab Wood, Universal Folly, Soft Risk5+10+5+5+10+20(won by 12l)+10+10+2+582
Lydia Greenfield 4Clovis Island, Coniston Clouds, Headscarf Lil, Serious Ego, Universal Folly1+10+10+20(won by 8.5l)+5+5+5+2+10+2+2+1082
Johnny ChristianNells Son, Universal Folly, Young Getaway, Findthetime, Aubis Walk2+5+10+1+10+5+20(won by 71l)+1+5+20(won by 12l)79
William HamiltonUniversal Folly, Nells Son, Parisencore, Findthetime, No Regrets5+2+10+5+1+5+5+20(won by 71l)+1+5+20(won by 12l)79
Dave Airey 2Universal Folly, Aubis Walk, The Kalooki Kid, Nells Son, Crystal Glory5+10+2+10+5+20(won by 7l)+1+1+5+20(won by 12l)79
Leigh-Ann Thomson 4Clovis Island, Universal Folly, Parisencore, The Kalooki Kid, Marown1+5+10+5+5+5+20(won by 7l)+5+1+2+2+10+5+278
David DemarcoHouston Texas, Coniston Clouds, Famous Bridge, Florida Dreams, Nells Son10+10+2+10+10+1+2+5+2+1+20(won by 12l)+2+176
Chris Callow 2Coniston George, Nells Son, Aubis Walk, Famous Bridge, Big Bad Bear2+10+10+10+1+10+5+2+20(won by 12l)+1+576
Conor Rabbitt 4Nells Son, Houston Texas, Florida Dreams, Soft Risk, Famous Bridge2+10+10+10+10+1+5+2+20(won by 12l)+1+2+174
Ged McghieFamous Bridge, Florida Dreams, Soft Risk, Houston Texas, Nells Son10+2+10+10+10+1+2+5+1+20(won by 12l)+2+174
Jim McMasterAubis Walk, Castle Rushen, Marown, Parisencore, President Scottie10+5+2+5+5+5+2+20(won by 25l)+2+10+5+1+274
Dee Goodbourn 2Nells Son, No Regrets, She’s a Rocca, Young Getaway, President Scottie2+5+2+5+1+5+20(won by 25l)+20(won by 12l)+10+171
Lesley DemarcoNells Son, Universal Folly, Glinger Flame, Milcree, Houston Texas2+5+2+2+5+1+5+20(won by 12l)+5+2+20(won by 19l)+170
Mary WilliamsonNells Son, Rickety Gate, Houston Texas, Florida Dreams, Famous Bridge2+5+10+10+10+1+5+2+20(won by 12l)+1+2+169
Robin Thwaytes 1Parisencore, Soft Risk, Universal Folly, The Kalooki Kid, Florida Dreams5+10+10+5+10+5+20(won by 7l)+1+268
Alan BrownHouston Texas, Clovis Island, Famous Bridge, Nells Son, Luckie Seven1+2+10+10+1+5+5+10+1+20(won by 12l)+2+168
Louise PlattSerious Ego, Kajaki, Universal Folly, Coniston Clouds, Glinger Flame10+20(won by 8.5l)+5+10+2+5+2+2+2+1068
Joanne ForresterFlorida Dreams, Nells Son, Rickety Gate, Famous Bridge, Headscarf Lil2+5+10+10+10+1+2+5+20(won by 12l)+166
MarraNells Son, Famous Bridge, Rickety Gate, Florida Dreams, Big Bag Bear2+10+5+10+10+1+5+2+20(won by 12l)+166
Robin Thwaytes 2Famous Bridge, Castle Rushen, Clovis Island, The Best Way, Nells Son10+1+2+10+1+5+5+1+1+10+20(won by 12l)66
Stuart Irving 2Clovis Island, Famous Bridge, Nells Son, Tfou, Castle Rushen1+10+2+10+1+5+5+10+1+20(won by 12l)+166
Chris Callow 1Parisencore, Findthetime, Clovis Island, Soft Risk, Houston Texas10+1+1+5+10+20(won by 71l)+5+10+2+165
Leanne MorganConiston George, Florida Dreams, Parisencore, The Kalooki Kid, Big Bad Bear10+10+5+20(won by 7l)+1+10+2+2+565
Tom HarrisFly By Milan, One Step Up, Serious Ego, Summergrounds, Famous Bridge10+20(won by 8.5l)+10+10+2+2+1+1065
Conor Rabbitt 1Universal Folly, Nells Son, Famous Bridge, Miss Milano, Parisencore5+2+10+5+10+5+1+5+20(won by 12l)+164
Tom David HendersonNells Son, One Step Up, Am Still Here, Snowy Clouds, Nab Wood2+5+20(won by 12l)+1+5+10+20(won by 12l)63
Dennis DixonCrystal Glory, Famous Bridge, Nells Son, Glinger Flame, Florida Dreams10+2+2+10+10+1+5+2+1+20(won by 12l)63
Marcus McCabeCourt Dreaming, Nells Son, Parisencore, Marown, Glinger Flame5+2+5+2+1+5+5+1+2+5+2+20(won by 12l)+5+262
Conor Rabbitt 3Aubis Walk, Rickety Gate, Findthetime, Universal Folly, Parisencore10+5+5+10+1+5+5+20(won by 71l)61
Patricia Taylor 2Glinger Flame, Coniston Clouds, Florida Dreams, The Kalooki Kid, Red Cadillac10+10+2+10+20(won by 7l)+1+2+2+2+160
J Briggs 2Crystal Glory, Famous Bridge, Nells Son, Tfou, Universal Folly10+2+5+10+5+1+5+1+20(won by 12l)+160
Danny McCullochAubis Walk, Coniston George, Fly By Milan, Nells Son, No Regrets2+5+10+1+10+5+2+20(won by 12l)+560
Philippa BairdClovis Island, Famous Bridge, Coniston George, Yakaleo, Young Getaway1+10+10+2+5+10+10+1+2+556
James DewhirstTfou, Nells Son, Universal Folly, Coniston George, Snowy Clouds2+5+5+1+5+10+20(won by 12l)+2+1+556
Peter ElliotConiston George, Fly By Milan, Glinger Flame, Nab Wood, The Best Way2+5+20(won by 12l)+10+10+1+2+555
Reuben Lee SmithYoung Getaway, One Step Up, Coniston George, Famous Bridge, Clovis Island10+1+10+10+5+2+1+10+554
Robin Thwaytes 3Soft Risk, Universal Folly, Parisencore, Castle Rushen, Nells Son5+2+10+5+5+1+5+20(won by 12l)53
Fran BrownAubis Walk, Glinger Flame, Houston Texas, Nells Son, Universal Folly2+5+10+2+5+1+5+20(won by 12l)+2+153
Colin Wilkinson 1Aubis Walk, Crystal Glory, Florida Dreams, Houston Texas, Nells Son2+10+10+1+2+5+20(won by 12l)+2+153
Ella McGarryFlorida Dreams, Houston Texas, Miss Milano, Universal Folly, Nells Son5+2+10+5+1+2+5+20(won by 12l)+2+153
Natalie Gold 1Headscarf Lil, Houston Texas, Nells Son, Universal Folly, Florida Dreams2+5+10+5+1+5+2+20(won by 12l)+2+153
Andy NelsonConiston Clouds, Florida Dreams, Nells Son, Crystal Glory, Wainwright10+2+10+1+2+5+2+20(won by 12l)52
Skelly (George) SkeltonHouston Texas, Famous Bridge, Florida Dreams, Clovis Island, Young Getaway10+1+10+10+2+5+1+10+2+152
Dan BlaylockHouston Texas, Headscarf Lil, Nells Son, Famous Bridge, Castle Rushen2+10+10+1+5+20(won by 12l)+1+2+152
Sunny Singh 4Parisencore, Milcree, Aubis Walk, No Regrets, Rickety Gate5+5+2+10+5+5+20(won by 19l)52
Lydia Greenfield 2Famous Bridge, Marown, Castle Rushen, Millie of Mayo, Red Cadillac10+2+5+10+5+5+2+2+2+1+1+5+252
Nicole Vecerkova 1Soft Risk, Findthetime, One Step Up, Aubis Walk, Sauce of Life10+1+10+10+20(won by 71l)51
Michael GeraghtyConiston George, Famous Bridge, Florida Dreams, Crystal Glory, Fly by Milan10+10+10+10+2+2+1+550
Martin McMullen 2Aubis Walk, Coniston George, Florida Dreams, Sauce of Life, Soft Risk10+10+10+10+2+2+549
Tony Roberts 4Florida Dreams, Aubis Walk, Soft Risk, Clovis Island, Sauce of Life1+10+10+10+2+5+1048
Thomas BrownAubis Walk, Clovis Island, Florida Dreams, Luckie Seven, Soft Risk1+10+10+10+5+2+1048
Charlie Cotton 2Aubis Walk, Florida Dreams, Clovis Island, Soft Risk, Crystal Glory1+10+10+10+2+5+1048
Natalie Gold 2Soft Risk, She’s a Rocca, Clovis Island, Coniston Clouds, Aubis Walk1+10+10+10+5+10+248
Philip O’HareAm Still Here, Nab Wood, Glinger Flame, Young Getaway, Universal Folly5+2+5+5+20(won by 12l)+1047
Lydia Greenfield 1The Kalooki Kid, Glinger Flame, Coniston Clouds, Saracen Beau, Snowy Clouds10+10+2+20(won by 7l)+1+2+247
Ian BrownFamous Bridge, Luckie Seven, Clovis Island, Fly By Milan, Soft Risk10+1+10+10+5+1+1047
Jen Osborne 1Am Still Here, Florida Dreams, Glittering Love, Houston Texas, The Kalooki Kid10+10+1+20(won by 7l)+1+2+2+147
James Briggs 1Houston Texas, Nells Son, Snowy Clouds, Universal Folly, Court Dreaming2+5+5+5+1+1+5+20(won by 12l)+2+147
Rhona ElliotBettergetalong, Court Dreaming, Coniston George, Luckie Seven, Parisencore5+20 (odds 33/1)+5+10+2+547
Antonia Reid 2Coniston Clouds, Coniston George, One Step Up, Parisencore, Florida Dreams10+10+5+10+2+2+2+546
Steve (Skelly) 1Headscarf Lil, Serious Ego, Wainwright, Caius Marcius, Saracen Beau10+20(won by 8.5l)+2+2+2+1046
Tony Roberts 2Famous Bridge, The Best Way, Marown, Big Bad Bear, Yakaleo10+5+10+2+5+2+1+2+1+5+245
C. DobsonHouston Texas, Soft Risk, Universal Folly, Clovis Island, No Regrets5+1+5+10+5+5+10+2+144
Jim Yerkess 2Florida Dreams, Houston Texas, Miss Milano, Nells Son, The Best Way2+10+1+2+5+1+20(won by 12l)+2+144
Peter TysonPresident Scottie, Houston Texas, Red Cadillac, Big Bad Bear, She’s a Rocca2+5+20(won by 25l)+2+10+2+1+1+144
Nicole Vecerkova 2Wainwright, Parisencore, Coniston Clouds, No Regrets, Famous Bridge10+5+10+5+10+2+143
Johnny ScullionBig Bad Bear, Aubis Walk, Am Still Here, Nells Son, Parisencore2+10+5+1+5+20(won by 12l)43
Charlie Cotton 1Soft Risk, Parisencore, Crystal Glory, Nells Son, Snowy Clouds2+10+5+1+5+20(won by 12l)43
Eleece InverarityGlinger Flame, Nells Son, Miss Milano, Houston Texas, Universal Folly2+5+2+5+1+5+20(won by 12l)+2+143
Steven GrisedaleCaius Marcius, Glinger Flame, Houston Texas, Nells Son, Universal Folly2+5+2+5+1+5+20(won by 12l)+2+143
Elizabeth O’HareGlinger Flame, Universal Folly, Houston Texas, Nells Son, Headscarf Lil5+2+2+5+1+5+20(won by 12l)+2+143
Jim Yerkess 1Clovis Island, Coniston George, Snowy Clouds, Universal Folly, Crystal Glory5+1+5+5+10+10+2+543
Jen Osborne 2Headscarf Lil, One Step Up, President Scottie, Robby, Wainwright2+5+20(won by 25l)+10+1+543
Geoff DixonAubis Walk, Crystal Glory, Florida Dreams, Marown, Snowy Clouds10+10+5+5+2+2+2+5+243
Colin Wilkinson 2Castle Rushen, Famous Bridge, Marown, Snowy Clouds, Tfou10+5+10+5+2+2+1+1+5+243
Elaine LloydBig Bad Bear, Findthetime, One Step Up, Miss Milano, Universal Folly10+5+1+5+20(won by 71l)41
Amy CroweFamous Bridge, Castle Rushen, Soft Risk, Universal Folly, Miss Milano10+5+10+10+5+141
Charlie Cotton 3Coniston Clouds, One Step Up, Famous Bridge, Houston Texas, Parisencore10+10+10+5+2+1+2+141
James Briggs 2Summergrounds, Universal Folly, Snowy Clouds, Nells Son, Houston Texas5+2+5+1+5+20(won by 12l)+2+141
Paul MangerConiston George, Florida Dreams, Luckie Seven, Universal Folly, Wainwright5+10+5+10+2+2+539
Dave Airey 1Florida Dreams, Houston Texas, Snowy Clouds, Coniston George, Parisencore10+5+2+10+2+2+2+1+539
Tony Roberts 1Soft Risk, Clovis Island, Young Getaway, One Step Up, Florida Dreams1+10+10+5+2+1038
Judith WilliamsonSummergrounds, Jehol de Thaix, Bettergetalong, Coniston Clouds, Rickety Gate10+5+20(odds 33/1)+237
Robbie InverarityConiston George, Houston Texas, Miss Milano, Florida Dreams, Parisencore10+5+10+2+2+2+5+137
Leigh-Ann Thomson 3Coniston George, Florida Dreams, Young Getaway, Am Still Here, Court Dreaming5+10+1+10+2+2+535
Patricia Taylor 1Coniston George, No Regrets, Houston Texas, Wainwright, Universal Folly5+5+5+10+2+2+5+135
Lesley Dobinson 1Caius Marcius, Famous Bridge, Kajaki, One Step Up, Universal Folly10+5+10+5+131
David BeardCourt Dreaming, Florida Dreams, Jehol de Thaix, One Step Up, Soft Risk5+10+1+10+228
Harry Haynes 1Aubis Walk, One Step Up, Clovis Island, Yakaleo, Wainwright1+10+2+5+1028
Glynn DobsonBig Bag Bear, Headscarf Lil, Nells Son, Snowy Clouds, She’s a Rocca2+1+5+20(won by 12l)28
Steven ColemanAubis Walk, Crystal Glory, Coniston George, Gonfalonier, The Best Way10+10+1+2+528
Alison Hibbert 1Glinger Flame, Houston Texas, Castle Rushen, Big Bad Bear, Famous Bridge10+2+10+1+2+126
Dee Goodbourn 1Big Bad Bear, Court Dreaming, Coniston George, Glinger Flame, Headscarf Lil5+2+1+10+2+525
Alison Hibbert 2Parisencore, She’s a Rocca, Millie of Mayo, Jehol de Thaix, Florida Dreams2+10+5+5+224
Harry Haynes 2Florida Dreams, Young Getaway, Am Still Here, Coniston Clouds, Sauce of Life10+10+2+224
Jake YerkessFamous Bridge, Fly By Milan, Gonfalonier, Luckie Seven, Yakaleo10+10+2+123
L Hughes WilsonSummergrounds, Tfou, One Step Up, Famous Bridge, Snowy Clouds10+10+1+122
Lesley Dobinson 2Coniston George, Headscarf Lil, Parisencore, Summergrounds, Wainwright5+10+2+522
Brian WilsonCrystal Glory, Summergrounds, Universal Folly, Parisencore, Tfou5+5+5+1+5+122
Joan HunterLuckie Seven, Caius Marcius, Court Dreaming, Florida Dreams, Glinger Flame5+10+2+1+220
J Briggs 1Castle Rushen, Coniston George, Fly By Milan, Houston Texas, Snowy Clouds10+2+2+5+120
Leigh-Ann Thomson 2Glinger Flame, Rickety Gate, Glittering Love, Sauce of Life, Soft Risk5+2+1+1018
Lydia Greenfield 3Glittering Love, Wainwright, Coniston Clouds, One Step Up, No Regrets10+5+1+218
Jen Osborne 3Court Dreaming, Glinger Flame, Jupiter des Mottes, She’s a Rocca, Young Getaway5+2+1+1018
Kieran ArmstrongMiss Milano, Kajaki, Glittering Love, Florida Dreams, Caius Marcius1+10+213
Colin ShawBig Bad Bear, Caius Marcius, Court Dreaming, Glinger Flame, Houston Texas5+2+1+2+111
Sunny Singh 3Glinger Flame, Young Getaway, Houston Texas, Glittering Love, One Step Up2+1+2+16

Terms and Conditions

  • By entering this competition, you are agreeing to your name being published on the Five to Follow page on our website.
  • Entrants must be 18 years old or older.
  • Entries must be received before 10th November 2023. Incomplete, late or invalid entries will not be accepted.
  • Payment must be received before 10th November 2023. Any payments made after this date may not be refunded.
  • Nicky Richards’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • The prize may be subject to change. Nicky Richards reserves the right to substitute the prize for one of equal or greater value at any time.
  • Any changes to the rules or prizes will be updated on our website.
  • Horses placings will be calculated regardless of the amount of runners in the race. (eg. if there are only 3 runners and your horse finishes 3rd, you will still get 2 points).
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